AK-47 in Pieces is Still an AK-47

23 Jan

California has decided that ordering the parts to build an AK-47 off the internet, and intending to put them together to build an AK-47 is enough to convict an individual for owning or attempting to own/be in possession of an assault weapon.

In the case of People v. Nguyen – filed January 18, 2013, Fourth District, Div. Three, the Defendant purchased a kit to make an AK-47 online. The court held that the Defendant was properly convicted of attempted unlawful assault weapon activity and attempted possession of an assault weapon. This conviction was upheld even though he did not finish putting together the parts. The reasoning: the Court found that since upon completion he would have assembled them into an “assault weapon” as defined by California statute, he was in violation.

So in conclusion, not only can you not own an assault weapon, don’t even own the pieces.

It seems like California is reaching more and more to restrict gun ownership. http://www.metnews.com/sos.cgi?0113//G046081


One Response to “AK-47 in Pieces is Still an AK-47”

  1. Powerful. I agree.

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