Justice Did Work

28 Feb

Justice Did Work

When I first took this case, the District Attorney asked me, where I was from?  I politely responded that I was from Los Angeles.  I received a half ass remark to the effect of why was I in San Diego then.  I again informed the DA that my client was not happy with his local counsel.  The DA smuggly stated, that was his first mistake then.  Unfortunately, San Diego did not know what hit them!

Today sentencing took place, and the DA was asking for 365 days.  My client received probation, with intensive (12 hour days of therapy) community work program, animal abuse classes and much more.  

While i am one to believe in justice being served, I truly believe it was in this case.  While the animal activist claim he should be beaten and rot in hell, I wonder how it is that they can even feel free to write those things.  They have no idea the mental anguish my client suffered from, they do not know him.  I wonder if it was their child, what they would say.  

The bottom line is throwing someone in jail, especially at 19, is not a punishment, it was a death sentence in this case.  What the judge did was believe in a 19 year old kid who wanted to get his life together.  I believe that it is justice…helping…not ignoring our nation’s problems.  


The media is quick to twist the facts, I caution you to always question what you read… for instance in this case the media wrote, “Robin Sangil was convicted of beating three husky puppies to death in a row. Two of the puppies died and another was seriously injured.” Ummm there is something seriously wrong with that statement other than the facts are wrong.  But how do you beat three dogs to death and only two die??? 


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