Business Casual…Jeans ???

7 May

The C. BRADFORD LAW FIRM tends to be more relaxed than most other law firms. It is a huge part of our atmosphere and vibe in our firm. Wearing a suit 24/7 is never comfortable when you are working 12 -16 hour days, but yet coming in your UGGs and sweats is not appropriate either. So where do you draw the line when getting ready for work? The general rule… your office’s dress code. We are still in the process of putting that together 🙂 so in the mean time here is our reflection on jeans, coming from the owner.

While jeans have become very stylish and dressy, are they truly considered business casual? The answers is: it depends! The etiquette and proper answer is that there is not a real definition of “business casual.” Know your office and your boss. Are they appropriate for COURT ABSOLUTELY NOT, but can you manage to dress them up enough to be at your office sure. Number one rule…make sure they are a darker jean…light colored jeans are generally too casual for even the most relaxed office.

Jeans with flip flops = won’t fly as that is way too relaxed even if you were in the Catalina courthouse.

Jeans with high heels/wedges = you can definitely pull this look off and be business casual

Jeans and a tank top = No go! It may be summer outside but throw a cardigan on to make the outfit appropriate.

You’re the safest with a pair of dark washed jeans, heels or wedges, accessories and a nice blouse.



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