The Speeding Ticket that will Cost You $$$

13 May

Sure, a cell phone ticket under California Vehicle Code 23123 is only $20.00 until you get the notification in the mail.  What the officer fails to inform you when they hand you the $20 ticket is that penalties, fines and assessments will be added onto that $20.00 to make that ticket a $160.00 ticket.  

A minor infraction ticket has now become beyond expensive for drivers today.  The same is true for individuals who are convicted or cited for driving under the influence, the base fine may only be $390.00 but when the penalties and assessments (P&As) are tacked on the new total is close to $2,000.00.  Penalty assessments tacked onto a base traffic fine can run into hundreds of dollars per violation. Today penalty assessments are more than 300 percent of a base fine.

What is going on California? Why is there the need for such outrageous additions? The history is that in the 1950s the California Legislature began assessing a surcharge against fines paid by traffic violators. At that time the surcharge was $1 for each $20 of the base fine.  The revenue that was generated by the traffic fines and assessments was used to pay for drivers’ education programs in public schools (which are no longer in existence today).

Over the years other penalty assessments were added, and a number of other state and local programs benefited from the revenue, including courthouse construction, victim and witness assistance, officer training and corrections training.  Seems like the revenue is not going towards any of these programs either. So, California where is it going? With a 300% penalty, you would think that the freeways would not be under construction constantly. 

Think before you decide to just “pay a ticket” and not fight it.  The Uniform Bail Schedule for all violations in California can be found at this link”



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  1. alicesmith July 23, 2013 at 6:31 am #

    Very informative post about Speeding Ticket

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