12 year old charged with murder of younger sister

16 May

A 12 year old appeared in Juvenile Court yesterday after being charged with Murder.  The victim, his deceased eight (8) year old sister, Leila Fowler.  At the hearing the defendant did not enter a plea, but was informed that he is facing second-degree murder charges with an enhancement of using a deadly weapon.  He was asked several times by the judge if he understood the charges against him, to which he replied YES! The Defendant remains in the custody of the juvenile detention facility until further hearings. 

Defense counsel left reporters without comment other than 

 they “have the same questions as everyone.”




The case was first reported to 911 operators by the victim’s family.  It was April 27, 2013 when the 12 year old Defendant told the police that he found his sister stabbed to death after he saw an intruder in their home.  At the time of the intrusion there were no adults, the young boy and his sister had been left at home while their Father and Father’s girlfriend were out.  The Defendant stated that he called his parents as soon as he found his sister, and in turn the parents (the Father’s girlfriend) called 911.   

The 911 tape was released early this week in which you can hear the Father’s girlfriend stating: “My children are at home alone and a man just ran out of my house. My older son was in the bathroom and my daughter started screaming,” the panicked woman said in the 911 call released by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office. “When he came out, there was a man outside my house. I need an officer there.”  (Although these comments make it appear as if she was there when the intrusion occurred, and she saw the man as well.  Even further, was the daughter still alive when she was there?) 

Police did not consider the 12 year old Defendant a suspect until about two weeks and thousands of hours after the initial report. However, neighbors feared all along that the brother played a role in the death. 

The 12 year old even described the intruder to police as a tall man with a muscular build, fled the scene. The boy’s description launched a 15-day manhunt that included door-to-door searches and divers in a reservoir. 

The next court appearance is scheduled for May 29, 2013. Image


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