UC Riverside Student Pled Not Guilty

12 Jun

UC Riverside Student Pled Not Guilty

A break up can be tough on any individual, and sometimes people never recover from them.  The real personality of a person comes out when they are at their worst and generally for most people, a break up can do that.  

That is the case is at hand this morning.  A UC Riverside student, Barbara Wu, has been arraigned on charges including, solicitation of murder, terrorist threats, stalking and other various crimes. 

Wu asked Dennis Lin, who dated Wu, to kill her ex boyfriend.  Needless to say Lin sought a restraining order against Wu on May 24, two days after Wu’s request. In the Request for a Restraining Order Lin wrote that Wu made him promise on May 22 that he would break the man’s legs with a baseball bat, kill him and discard the body.

At the request of police, Lin recorded Wu discussing the alleged plot.

Wu was arraigned on May 31 and remains jailed.

THE CRIME: Solicitation of Murder, Terrorist Threats and Stalking. 

THE PLEA: Not Guilty 

What got her caught: The mere fact that she asked someone else to kill her ex-boyfriend. He then documented everything in his request for restraining order and cooperated with the police.  If this proves true, she clearly solicitated the wrong person.  

THE MOTIVE: a bad break up. 

THE DEFENSE: Too early to tell!


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