16 Jul

A short (very short) stay of execution has been imposed until Thursday, July 19th for Warren Lee Hill in Georgia.  Judge Gail Tusan has granted the stay but the exact reasons for her stay are unclear.  

Hill has been evaluation by seven mental health professionals who all concluded that he is intellectually disabled, and thus cannot lawfully be executed under a Supreme Court decision holding that “death is not a suitable punishment for a mentally retarded criminal,” Georgia has thus far managed to evade this constitutional ban on executing people like Hill due to a series of legal loopholes. The specific grounds for Judge Tusan’s order staying the execution are not yet clear.

It appears that the stay of execution was granted to consider the validity of a law that “purposely shields from judicial review the manner by which the drugs to be used in his execution were manufactured and obtained.” Judge Tusan’s order does not involve the question of whether Hill can be executed despite his mental disability. Image


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