The Ideal of “SuperMom”

24 Aug

A working mother is almost common place in today’s society.  Women have come a long way from the days of our society where a woman’s role was to stay at home and raise children.  Whether it’s a four hour administrative position or running a corporation, women work! Despite this change in society women are still held to the old ideals: cook, clean, care for the kids.  As I gear up for soccer season with two of my four children, I reflected on this concept and what is now common place for most mothers.  Out of this insane amount of things that women are now expected to do the concept of a “SuperMom” was born.  The reality is the ideal of a “SuperMom” is just a facade.  No individual can ever live up to this ideal.  No one is perfect, and I say that as someone who handles an insane amount of “tasks” on a day to day basis.

However, this concept of being a “SuperMom” really does intrigue me, how long do we continue to strive for this unattainable perfection? What is this new idea of what a mom is doing to women in general?  Perhaps, there is more to reflect on this topic as the time passes.



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